About Me

Hello, my name is Don.  I am a happily married father of four, ages 5 through 31, and the wellbeing of my family is of the utmost importance to me.  Having children with such a wide variety of ages has allowed me, over the years, to observe the changes taking place in them, from an ever changing vantage point.  As they have grown, so have I.  I’ve watched the pressure to please and fit in, replace the freedom and identity they were born with.  As they began to filter genuine thoughts and feelings into something more likely to be “acceptable”, I started to see I was a significant source of that pressure and influence.  Thus, I began to realize the only away to preserve their innocence, was to rediscover mine.  That awareness set me on a journey, a search for cause and effect, to find what led me to where I am today. To seek my lost innocence, and reconnect with who I was born to be.

Although I had a fairly abusive childhood, my memories are that of happiness.  This has always been puzzling to me, that with all the terrible things that were happening around me, I would look back fondly on such a tumultuous time.  It was only a few years ago, I realized the reason.  It was music!  I loved music.

There was always music in our house.  I was born into it.  While nobody in my family played an instrument, they played music. In the car, at my parents family business, songs filled the air.  I have memories of lying awake in my bed when I was 5 years old, (possibly younger), well past my bedtime, listening intently as the songs of the day blasted through my closed door.  The stereo playing in harmony with the laughter of my aunts and uncles who had come over for a Saturday night get together.  The Beatles, The Stones.  From Herman’s Hermits, to Hendrix.  Simon and Garfunkel, The Byrds, The Who, The Animals, to name a few.  These were my mentors.  There were so many great artists that gave me so many great insights.  This was my fortune.  The music I grew up with throughout the 60’s and early 70’s spoke to me intimately.

I got my first guitar around age 9.  I wanted to make the kind of music that was so healing to me.  I remember the first time I strummed the strings.  Even though I didn’t know how to play them, I was mesmerized by the secret language they spoke.  I play to this day and it continues to ease my aching soul.

As I moved through my teens, music followed me.  Songs continued to call from my past, while new ones revealed themselves to me.  I was on an endless journey of discovery.  I was 19 when Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was released.  That album was a turning point in my life.  As the songs described the fragility of growing up in an uncertain world, it was as if someone was telling me “I understand, you’re not alone”. 

Music still brings comfort to me for these very reasons.  It makes me feel safe.  I always find a friend there.  It’s been such solace through difficult times.  Even now when I hear certain music, I am swept away to another place.  I feel I have a memory attached to every song.  Some happy, some sad, but all empowering to me.

Over time, I realized that I have been experiencing music’s therapeutic power for most of my life. I believe music communicates when other forms don’t, whether it be in times of happiness or sadness.  Music can create a shift in mood which has enabled me to transform my state of mind from one that does not serve me to one that does. Although I have been doing this for most of my life, it’s never been an intentional act I was aware of, it was just natural.  Yet to this day, I am very deliberate in the songs I play, depending on my mood and what I need to hear.

Music can be a friend to celebrate with, or a comfort in times of loneliness.  A kick in the butt to motivate when needed, a source of grounding when things are sliding.  A way to shift from self pity to gratitude.  It’s been a source of escape, a portal to places unknown.  An opportunity to see the world through the eyes of another, and realize a higher reality through these visions.

A few years ago, I started working with Music Therapists, and it has been a tremendous source of growth for me.  It has helped me to unlock hidden demons and bid them farewell.  As a child of a manic depressive mother, I am no stranger to psychotherapy.  If only she, as a music lover, would have known about Music Therapy, I believe she would have spent less time in therapy, and lived a happier more peaceful life.

This is what led me to create Clear Mind Music Therapy.  It is my desire to share the value I have gotten from music my entire life, through this website, in hopes it may bring the same healing and comfort to others.

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years, and although I am not a gifted musician, I am spiritually connected to music as we all are. What I’ve come to discover is that I don’t need to be a great musician to experience the gift of music, and neither do you. We are the music.

Don DesBiens

It’s not so much that we’re going to change the world, we want to convince everybody it’s possible” – Steven Stills