Les Paul

Wood Words

07 Sep 2021

My favorite guitar is nearly fifty years old, and as such I rarely play it.  It is a 1978 Les Paul Custom I received as a high school graduation present from my parents.  In the interest of preserving it, I usually play my Stratocaster.  But on occasions, I will take it out of the case,… View Article

image from the cover of the Woodstock concert album, featuring B

Peace, Love, Music

02 Sep 2021

I feel like the hippies received a bad rap. The phrase used to describe them was Peace, Love, Dope. This indicates that drugs were one of the central focuses of the generation. But I feel that is a misnomer. Yes, they were heavily involved with marijuana and LSD. Some would say this made them derelicts,… View Article

Constructive Interference

Good Vibrations

22 Aug 2021

A few days ago, I watched a lecture by DR. Bruce Lipton on the biology of the body.  He describes the body as, not a single organism, but a community of 50 Trillion cells, each one an individual, working in harmony for the greater good of the body.  Throughout life we will experience good vibrations… View Article

Cosmos Factory-

Up Around the Bend

15 Aug 2021

I started playing guitar when I was 9 years old.  I remember going down to Cap Tone Music to choose my first guitar, a Yamaha acoustic.  I recall the wonder at being in my first music store.  The smells, the stillness, so many various instruments.  It was a very peaceful feeling.  What I couldn’t remember… View Article

Wheat Blowing

The Breath of Music

30 May 2021

The first time my friend played his cello for me, I was astounded by two things.  The first was how talented a musician he is. The other was the feeling the music gave me.  The moment he laid his bow to the strings, not only were my ears filled with beautiful sound, but I was… View Article



30 May 2021

I like exploring words. I often look ones up that I think I already know.  I remember when my kids were growing up, they would ask me what a certain word meant. Although I understood it’s meaning, I could not define it without using the word itself.  I like to read the origin and see… View Article

Piano Lady

Mom’s Voice

02 Feb 2021

My mother was a very lonely person. I have known this for as long as I can remember, although I may not have completely understood it. But I could tell from the things she would say. No, that’s not true. She didn’t talk much about her sadness. It was in the music she played. I think… View Article



02 Feb 2021

Ever wish you could go boldly through life without hesitation or doubt?  To just go for it and be in the moment?  While I sometimes feel this way, it is that state of being I strive for. When I do experience this freedom, it is almost always related to music. Music occupies the areas of… View Article


Gettin’ in Tune

01 Feb 2021

Do you ever feel life is conspiring against you?  I have had days that no matter what I do, one way or another things don’t work out.  I find myself wondering, “Why do things seem so easy and harmonious at times, and so out of tune at others?”  I know this is a scenario I… View Article

Sleeping Baby

The Walk of Life

28 Jan 2021

I’m sure my daughter Teagan was born with a built in altimeter.  A very sensitive one at that.  When she was less than a year old, she was very hard to put to sleep.  She had an active mind, I could see it in her eyes. She would focus on any sight or sound, those… View Article