Gettin’ in Tune

Do you ever feel life is conspiring against you?  I have had days that no matter what I do, one way or another things don’t work out.  I find myself wondering, “Why do things seem so easy and harmonious at times, and so out of tune at others?”  I know this is a scenario I have created in my mind.  I am always capable of performing my best.  I just sometimes forget I can.  It’s like I fall out of tune.  I wonder when this started happening.  I know I wasn’t always like this.  I didn’t always question myself.  I never thought twice about following my instincts, or felt things weren’t going as they “should” be.  I marched to my own tune without questioning it, although I don’t remember when that last was.

I have found music is the path back to getting myself in tune.  It is the key to my grounding.  When I am listening to music, I am present in that moment.  Totally engaged, without judgment.  This is where music speaks in its universal language. Where I can be free of assessment, and let my mind take me home, to the place of alignment where I am no longer in discord.  Music is the only gateway I have found to this place.

Sounds are vibrations and vibration is the source of all energy.  Patterns are evident everywhere in our world. Harmony is essential to coexisting.  Music is a magnificent expression of all of these. When we are in tune with this knowledge, it stimulates the song of our heart,  it resonates with the soul’s theme, and we identify with it. 

Never forget your frequency and stay in tune with it. You are the only one who knows it.