Good Vibrations

A few days ago, I watched a lecture by DR. Bruce Lipton on the biology of the body.  He describes the body as, not a single organism, but a community of 50 Trillion cells, each one an individual, working in harmony for the greater good of the body.  Throughout life we will experience good vibrations as well as “bad vibes”.

He further talks about how atoms work.  Since atoms are 99.999% energy, they give off waves.  When the waves are in sync, they work together and amplify their energy.  This is called Constructive Interference and this represents a healthy mind and body.  But when they are out of phase, they work against each other and cancel each other out.  This is called Destructive Interference, and is described as diss-ease in the body, which is the cause is disease.

“The human body can hear from anywhere from 25,000 cycles up where dogs can hear, all the way down to 60, but the frequencies, they actually harmonize with each other in order to produce a whole experience that’s neurological and physiological and also spiritual, that’s what music does” – Steven Stills

Even though our ears don’t hear the entire range, our body nonetheless experiences the energy.

This is one of th core components of Music Therapy



“If I can’t sit down and sing you a song and make you feel something, I don’t think I really have a song” – David Crosby