Peace, Love, Music

I feel like the hippies received a bad rap. The phrase used to describe them was Peace, Love, Dope. This indicates that drugs were one of the central focuses of the generation. But I feel that is a misnomer. Yes, they were heavily involved with marijuana and LSD. Some would say this made them derelicts, others would argue that these were mind expanding experiences. I am not here to pass judgement one way or the other. However, I believe their focus was on Peace and Love through Music.

I recently watched a documentary on The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969. It was incredibly moving. The peace and love that was shared through the artists and reflected back from the nearly half a million people in attendance was beautiful to watch as they lived up to the mantra of peace and love.

If you listen to the words they were singing, the messages were to love one another, take care of the world, be united and be in the present moment. All subjects that are of critical importance today. We are a population divided by politics, gender identification and racial hatred to the point of violence such has never been seen. War and genocide. A planet in danger of destruction. Greed and hunger.

All these things were the subject of songs written over 50 years ago. These Hippie artists and fans were just that. Hip to what was happening in the world and how the direction needed to change.

Now we have politicians trying to regulate and enforce these virtues, which is only creating more division. If you think about a politician giving a speech, their words will receive mixed reactions, and sometimes lead to violence between those who disagree. But a singer needs only to start clapping his hands and the entire audience will do the same. They can sing a phrase and then hold the microphone to the crowd and they will repeat the words without being asked to do so.

Music unifies