Your Own Song

We all were born with our own unique melody.  It may have started at inception, but it was likely playing before that.  It’s been called our soul, our spirit and our ego, amongst other things.  It is ourself or the one we perceive as ourself.   We carried with us a distinct vibration when we transitioned into this world.  I call it our song, our pure beautiful essence, our home note.  Once we arrived, it may have been reinforced, or it may have been disrupted.  This is where we diverge from or follow our true path.

Think of it.  When we were born, we suddenly found ourselves lost in unfamiliar surroundings.  We cried. We sought comfort. If we were lucky, we were soothed with familiar lullabies and songs, played or sung for us.  The familiar rhythm of our mothers heartbeat as she held us near, gently rocking us, life naturally unfolding. Singing or humming feeding our vibration.

Contrarily, our soul’s frequency may have been ignored, disrupted, or worse yet, forgotten.  Perhaps now only a distant echo.  Outside influences requesting a tune from us that we are ill equipped to provide.  Slowly, clumsily we adapt.  We may even become competent in our assumed role. But it is not who we are.  Self doubt starts to creep in as we become misaligned with our true nature.

We continue to grow and our environment puts additional constraints on us, dictating social norms  We are bombarded with melodies contrary to those which play in our heart.  We are less mindful of the ones we were born with. We are distracted by the allure of being accepted in the form of what has become expected of us.  Eventually we are no longer aware of this disconnect.  Caught up in the temporary excitement of some new endeavor or thing we that we think will bring us approval, we continue to struggle under the weight of the pressure to fit in.  We are searching for ourselves.  Anxiety and depression take over and we begin to feel lost, as though we lack purpose.

If we are fortunate we stay true to ourselves, and who we were meant to be.  But too often we forget who that was.  We still have our individual song, our own unique tenor but we no longer use it.  We have become part of collective expectation, rather embracing our own personality.

This is where music has the power to free us.  When we hear a song we like, we smile, dance or sing with little or no self judgment.  We feel our true emotions and we allow space to feel them. We are simply being in that moment, at least until we remember someone might be watching us.  I heard of a woman who said “I am Aretha Franklin in the shower.”  She was then asked, “Why aren’t you, when someone is listening?”  Indeed.  Why are we more concerned with the thoughts of others than our own truth?

When we listen to music, memories, emotions and physical feelings are experienced.  Feelings that anchor us to who we are and allow us to rediscover our theme.  When we find our voice, our life will compose a symphony never heard before.

If we have been true to ourselves and diligent about our composition, we will have written a requiem that resonates when our days in this body have ended.  I hope to hear yours.